Letter: Re: the Aug. 16. article “The Daily Star's Daily Word”

Letter: Re: the Aug. 16. article “The Daily Star's Daily Word”

As if the Star doesn't do enough Trump and Republican bashing via its "Star Opinions", Tim Steller opinions, Letters to the Editor online section, featured nationally syndicated and local columnists, etc., they have now stepped up their hate game by doing a "Daily Word." They are so full of hate for Trump that posting weekly opinions was not enough, they needed to go "daily." From what I have read, most are anti-Trump and anti-Republican attempting to be humorous, but the hate and contempt clearly come through. The "Daily Word" articles or opinions, who knows which, are not authored, but a safe bet would be they are written by the paper's Editor Sarah Gassen. My question is this, are these "Daily Words" really necessary? They are rather silly and trite. Maybe they make the ghost author feel good by getting whatever is frustrating them off their chest on a daily instead of a weekly basis?

Alice Moreno

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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