Dear Editor,

On July 7, AZPM reported that Arizona would likely lose 11 percent of its Colorado River water in 2019. He said, "We had good snowpack throughout the winter, but it got drier and warmer than normal so instead of the water from the snow making it into the Colorado River and Lake Powell, it evaporated into the air. The projection went down by 20 feet - only 1 1/2 feet above the shortage trigger. "

Where are we going to get the water for these new high-paying companies. We need to rethink what industries and jobs we need. High salaries should not be the main criteria. The State of Arizona and the City of Tucson should create infrastructure jobs implementing water harvesting and solar power. All companies coming in should be oriented toward these goals. We need more local farms and small businesses. We must stop ignoring the reality of less water, higher temperatures and how to survive on this shrinking, overheated planet.

Barbara Vaughn

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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