I truly appreciate Mr. Stensrud’s opinion and in fact agree with him. As one of the entities that sent a “Letter of Intent” to the representative for the Benedictine Sisters and offered to purchase the property, our organization, Via de Dios, stressed our plan to keep the integrity and wishes of the sisters to continue the legacy. https://viadedios.org/christian-center/

We were outbid by a real estate developer, Mr. Ross Rulney who intends to develop housing on the property. In an Arizona Star article dated Oct. 6, 2017 referring to the historic monastery building, Mr. Rulney stated that he “will work to preserve the exterior”. I’m not too hopeful that the monastery building will survive, and certainly the value that it has provided to the community all these years will not continue.

Via de Dios could continue to provide the same opportunities and more if we were able to lease the building from Mr. Rulney. If not, we will find another location. www.viadedios.org

Francine Rienstra

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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