Re: the July 7 article "A KHIL to die on: Tiny station in Willcox makes a last stand."

I am so thankful that the Arizona's Daily Star reposted Debbie Winegarten's 8 month investigation article which is here to help my family that lives in this radio station. My son and his dad. Tristan and Mark Lucke. They are without internet and phone service as of 9 days ago. Still no pay and AC in main building. With no explanation until today. I am here to say thank you for having this article be seen in our state and community. This is the first time local people have heard any news because the local papers will not respond to my calls or emails. Even the global award docmentary film Lonesome Willcox was not allowed in their press. We thank you for helping. My Facebook and YouTube has current information. MERCEDEZ LUCKE-BENEDICT . I also started a GoFundMe a month ago. We have world press but no local. Until now. Thank you.Mercedez

Mercedez Lucke-Benedict


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