RE: the June 9 letter "Taking in migrants hurts, not helps.

The writer suggested that Mr. Kozachik is “sending the wrong message” and that he is somehow willfully violating a law.

The Message: I can’t start to know what Mr. Kozachik was thinking. Maybe he is just trying to live the Gospel.

The Law: In 1980 President Reagan signed The Refugee Act. The Refugee Act,(Law of Land), provides key safeguards to any non-citizen, “regardless of status” or how they arrived. Due Process requires a Court to determine whether the statute applies.

In other words, These refugee/migrants seeking asylum who have not yet been heard in Court are not in this country illegally.

So I return the question to the writer and ask this: “We have laws. Do we only enforce the one YOU want to enforce?”

John Haas


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