Re: the Nov. 24 article "Easy cash drives flow of US guns wielded by cartels."

This was a disturbing but not at all surprising article about the steady "iron river of guns and ammunition" that flows from Southern Arizona to drug cartels and criminals in Mexico. The article addressed mostly those guns that have been purchased legally from licensed gun dealers in gun shops, as only these guns can be traced. What about the thousands of private gun sales happening "legally"--without any background check or ID--at Gun Shows in Pima County? What about private gun sales happening on-line and at swap meets? Citizens for a Safer Pima County urges the Senate to pass The Universal Background Check law. Without it, the export of violence to our southern neighbors will never stop. We continue to urge the Southwestern Fair Commission, as representatives of the Board of Supervisors, to end the Cross Roads Gun Show at the Fairgrounds where gun trafficking can easily happen with no paper trail. To do nothing is to trade in horrific violence.

Molly McKasson, member of Citizens for a Safer Pima County


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