Re: the Nov. 20 article "The rural cow-pocalypse you aren't hearing about."

This also matters:

The seemingly lack of appropriate care these bovine are receiving. It appears there is very little forage or water for them. I believe that is why they break thru fences and destroy water lines.

2. It appears the cattle are being mismanaged in such a way that they aren't rotated on the many acres of privately owned land, State leased land and BLM land. The mountain/desert is grazed down to dirt and the erosion that's occurring is a disaster. When it rains the water cascades down the mountain with no substantial plant life to slow it down due to overgrazing. We've watched our property go from eight different kinds of native grasses, mesquite, many cactus species, yuccas, to large erosion beds and tumbleweeds. We've been working on erosion control on our property but it's difficult when everything above you isn't being managed. I feel badly for all us neighbors who've been dealing with this for years. I feel badly for the cows, they deserve better as well.

Making this a"No fence" district would be a move in the right direction. We cannot control how well or poorly ranchers want to manage their business.

Julia Lalumondier-Hamel


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