Re: the Nov. 20 article "The rural cow-pocalypse you aren't hearing about."

I am writing because something needs to be done on this issue. I know first hand that a certain group in the Willcox area are destroying everyone property with their cattle. They have no regard for their neighbors rights or well being. So far they have run rough shod over all who live in that area. It needs to be addressed before it causes a range war, which is in the making already. Destruction of property, cattle under peoples windows, cow poop every where, busted and torn down fencing and broken water lines are just a part of what is happening and they don't care. Willcox is a small place and the good old boy system runs the day there. I think the Governor needs to address this and change the laws so that everyone has their property rights back and this is stopped.

Sandra Erhardt-Sheppard

Sierra Vista

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