I appreciated the article's focus on the environment. The article would have been more credible regarding the springs had it described proposed construction wells' proximity to the springs, duration of operations, estimated draws and water table information. Could impact on the springs be mitigated short of a blanket ban on border infrastructure?

There is and has for decades been a great deal of disruption and trash created by smugglers and immigrants all along the border. The human traffic, discarded debris and erosion already harms wildlife and the environment. To be less myopic, if the border wall reduces such traffic and trash, and more broadly slows the dramatic growth in US population, the effect is likely to be very beneficial to the environment north of the border overall. Without mentioning such current environmental concerns and the potential benefits of border enforcement, writers appear to be unduly politicized. I.e., at least as pro-open borders as pro-environment. Sometimes these are aligned, but mostly not.

Mathias Bildhauer


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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