Are you fed up with Trump slandering the desperate families seeking asylum in the U.S.? His claiming they are mostly murderers and rapists? Here’s how some Tucsonans are responding: My wife Cheri recently went to purchase warm clothing for some of those families. The woman behind her in line overheard Cheri telling the cashier what the clothes were for. The woman said “I feel terrible about what’s happening in this country — this is not who we are. My husband and I have plenty... please get some more clothes for those children — here’s $100.”

Do you believe what’s happening in this country is “not who we are”? Wanna do something about it? You can, by joining Cheri and the anonymous woman and many others by making a donation or volunteering for a shelter helping these families. For more information, call Diane Everhart at 272-4341.

Allen Desmond

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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