Re: the April 5 article "Speech that VIPs don't like is classified as 'disruptive'."

The Rev. Pickens op-ed defending the students who verbally attacked Border Patrol agents on the UA campus was biased. Although there is some merit to her First Amendment argument (although the right is not absolute as too few recognize) she completely fails to criticize the students for their false and vile language hurled at the officers. This means she not only accepts their words but endorses them. So where is her compassion for the officers? Apparently none as she regards them as the problem: "Customs and Border Protection officers present a material thereat to the well-being of the student body...." How? The threat is only to those who are unlawfully in the country which she appears to also endorse. And perhaps most regrettably she and those students (who are "privileged" to be attending UA) cast an excessive net by holding all border agents, and perhaps all law enforcement personnel, responsible and guilty for the wrongful acts of a few. Toleration, as she asks for? Not for them.

James Tuthill

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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