Judicial rejection of the Rosemont Mine has been followed by predictable criticism, and derision by the mine’s proponents. Highlighting our need for copper for technological applications, they are suggesting hypocrisy for those mine opponents who benefit from that technology.

Martha McSally joined the fray emphasizing copper is needed for our national security and clean energy, and arguing that we should mine in the U.S.A. where we have high environmental standards. Senator McSally is an active cheerleader of the Trump Administration’s campaign to destroy U.S. laws and policies protecting the environment, and advancing alternative energy. The court decision regarding the proposed mine emphasized the plan did not even meet the environmental standards of the prevailing 19th century law.

There is no shortage of copper in the 21st century. Copper is almost 100% recyclable and reserves are plentiful. However, largely absent from the current debate, is that the mine’s operations will require a prodigious squandering of our most important and valuable resource in the desert – water.

Roger McManus


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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