My wife and I were deeply sadden and mad that a "man" shot and killed the little bear Saturday. It was on TV about the bear last week and my wife said "I bet it gets killed," and sure enough a "man" shot it, just awful. When I was a little kid my dad took me out in the desert and showed me how to shoot anything that moves. I knew that was wrong. They weren't my animals, they were everybody's, and I needed to protect them and others should as well.

My wife's father and brother were hunters. My wife and I vowed to take care of animals and protect them in every way we can. It kills us to hear of "men" out there always destroying everyone's animals. When we were young there were a lot more animals around. We live in the animals' territory and should respect that. We want our kids and grandkids — and their kids — to respect and enjoy everyone's wild and domestic animals.

Eddie Ronstadt


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