Re: the Oct. 7 article "San Pedro River must never be put at risk by Arizona."

I found Peter Else's article to be a statement of an actually quite urgent issue: that is, you can't restore natural wonders once they are compromised. Once you lose it, you can't get it back. Else leads an organization of land owners and lease holders with land astride the San Pedro River. A Scottsdale developer proposes reliance on ground water alone to make a go of a 28,000 home city. This draw down of ground water would help to dry up the San Pedro, a free-flowing river out of Mexico which ultimately flows into the Gila River.

When you consider that abutting the San Pedro are prehistoric wooly mammoth hunting sites, and beaver dams of recent years, the San Pedro preservationists are rightly and justly seeking federal court intervention to save the river.

Richard Sipan

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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