While I am glad to see Tm Steller's concern over pollinators and wildlife threatened by the proposed Avra Valley Interstate 11, it should be noted that there are also some 25,000 people --mostly low-income young families, seniors, vets, working men and women - who will be exposed to noise, air and water pollution, a new Valley Fever corridor, hazardous cargo, smuggling, etc. Tourism will suffer and Tucson will lose jobs.

Interviewing real estate attorney Si Schorr was curious. Schorr chaired the State Transportation Board when this first came up over a dozen years ago. He called for a vote without hearing from a single one of the over 100 people who came to speak in opposition, setting off an uproar. And that's the way it's been ever since -- full speed ahead and damn the public. Including letting ADOT monitor itself on all environmental issues as it goes forward.

Albert Lannon

Picture Rocks

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