Re: the June 5 article "Caravan leader's absence pervades Warren trial."

Tim Steller commented on a crucial piece of the judicial process missing in Scott Warren’s trial. A key witness won’t testify.

Another missing piece in this trial is we, the people.

Every day overflow crowds of citizens come to participate but cannot enter the courtroom due to space limitations. Judge Collins’ hallway is lined with folks who want to watch.

Scott Warren’s trial is about aiding others who are where they don’t have legal papers to be. Unfortunately, citizen involvement and humanitarian aid seem to be un-Warren-ted these days.

Material possessions and realty have crowded out human connections and compassion as our guiding moral compass. Borders are drawn between countries; other lines determine who enters the courtroom.

Thank our lucky stars Tucson overflows with kind people! Court hallways, the Benedictine Monastery, Casa Maria, places of worship, parks/alleys, and all sorts of places teem with boundless soul.

Mary DeCamp


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