Letter: Service animals

Letter: Service animals

KGUN-9 recently did a piece about a man who registered a beehive as a service animal to illustrate the need for tightening the rules about service animals in public places. It touched a nerve with me and others who have commented on their dismay at seeing dogs in grocery store carts . This disgusting habit is a real put-off for those of us who put our produce and other items directly in the cart without using more plastic to protect them from doggy's butt or wherever doggy's feet have been. Even though many stores provide wipes to sanitize the handles, many mothers have their children placed in the child seat before they even reach the station with the wipes. And there is no way to sanitize an entire cart. Regulations should be revisited and revised to protect the public from the loopholes in the laws regarding service animals.

Marianne Fiekds

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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