Thank you to all the HEROES of the Star's Letters Section, who, without even being asked, courageously labor at their keyboards every day to educate their fellow readers. With no remuneration other than smug self-satisfaction, they provide Tucson with a constant background noise of nagging, lecturing, and hectoring. Many of these brave souls also venture out and report any real or perceived violations of mask-wearing, face-touching, and social-distancing protocols to the appropriate authorities, and anyone else who will listen, or can't get away. This heroic army stands ready to use any and all weapons at their disposal, including finger-wagging, clucking, eye-rolling, and the ultimate arrow in their quiver: name-calling. So rest assured that these 'Social-Distancing Warriors' will be on the lookout for anyone not displaying adequate fear in the face of this pandemic. Yes, amid all of the confusion surrounding the virus, we're lucky to have these elites to keep the rest of us in line and show us the way.

Bill Buth


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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