Re: the August 30 article "Stone tools suggest first Americans came from Japan."

The article should spark reflections on the planet’s long history and this generations short time here on earth. The article reconfirms that a land/Ice bridge facilitated human’s movement into the Americas. Climate Change advocates take note since this provides more evidence of a planet in change sans man made whatever you posit is the central cause of Sea rise from warming. 21000 years ago, a land bridge of steppe grass. dry plains existed where the Bering sea is now. The land then was inundated over a period of that 21000 years to the present. There is a graphic presentation of this called PALE on Wikipedia, or Paleoenvironmental Atlas of Beringia, Beringia specifically mentioned in article, that shows this happening. All this bringing to mind those whose short sight, small thinking restrict them from seeing beyond a very short life to blame mankind for what is just nature over the course of thousands of years..

Jim Ryles

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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