The Star recently published a letter addressed to AG William Barr. In just 77 words the writer managed to call Barr a spineless, shameless, immoral and cowardly man without honor who mocks justice. No reason for this blistering attack is offered; only that Mr. Barr should come clean to save his soul.

My issue is not with the writer who is entitled to think and say whatever he pleases, it’s with the Star. Stop publishing pure smear that is devoid of any thoughtful content.

Barr will be in Contempt of Congress if he does not release the un-redacted Mueller Report and will go to jail. If he does release it, he will have violated DOJ law/regulation/protocol and would also go to jail. That should be more interesting to us readers than drivel such as the color of the president’s hair.

Tucson Daily Star: Come clean and save your soul.

Jeffrey McConnell

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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