I have read Rep. Finchem's new bill proposals. I believe they contain negative and positive ideas. My concern is for the standards of learning. A teacher should not try to impart their own views, especially political or cultural or religious. If these matters are addressed they need to foster the things we all have in common. With differences we can still agree on a lot and respect each other. This is how our next generation can step away from the rampant divisive attitudes of today.

People from different ethnicities find great new friends when schools put them together to work for a common goal or project. My grandson's first class at UM featured a teacher who came to class with a mattress on her back. Her feminist statement wasn't what he signed up and paid for. After the presidential election, class work was substituted with crying sessions (!) — not the classes paid for. Teach children to accept victory and defeat. We need to produce rational respectful decision makers.

Ethel Maloney


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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