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Letter: Teachers - A Privledged Class

Letter: Teachers - A Privledged Class

After years of teachers lecturing us on how essential they are to society, I find it most interesting that they now don't want to go back to school (but of course still want to get paid). As they should, teachers expect fire fighters to respond to calls to transport COVID-19 infected individual from nursing homes. They expect police to respond when someone crashes into them on the highway. They expect grocery store workers to work in very public environments stocking shelves and they certainly have not been timid about asking others to process their on-line purchases in crowded distributions centers.

We've also been lectured on how we must take care of the children but when teachers are asked to do just that by showing up in the classroom with a population that is the least likely to transmit or be infected by COVID-19 they run and hide. Teachers you are important, just not a privileged class. If you think your essential, show up for work.

Vincent O'Brien


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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