What a circus show we are witnessing, with Trump, Giuliani, Barr and Co. It’s not a side show but the main act going on non-stop under the Big Top of GOP Corruption. The lying, denying, spinning, and smearing escalating as the Corrupter In Chief explodes in rage after releasing his self-damning “perfect” extortion phone call to Ukraine’s president. Flying monkey Guiliani is sparring with the corrupt Atty. General, while the High Priest of corruption brings Pence into the fray. No one could make this stuff up, and its tremendously scary to think this the low to which our country has devolved. The article “For help with Ukraine, Giuliani turned to unlikely pair of fixers from Florida” shows just how the Republicans operate. It is so obviout Trump is Putin’s stooge. Republican sycophants in Congress continue to rally around the wagons of corruption, folding to their fear of losing elections if they dare speak out against Trump’s treasonous behavior. Cowards all!

Deb Klumpp

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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