Letter: The Truth About the Villages at Vigneto

Letter: The Truth About the Villages at Vigneto

The Daily Star’s recent column questioned the legitimacy of Benson Mayor King’s support for the Villages at Vigneto. Anybody that has met Mayor King knows that he wouldn’t support anything he didn’t truly believe in, and there are good reasons for his support.

First, the Arizona Department of Water Resources certified that Benson will have an “adequate water supply” to serve the Villages for the next 100 years. Second, major landscaping, golf courses, and irrigation reservoirs are planned in ways that will utilize and maximize recycled water to limit net water usage. Third, the Villages are projected to create 16,000 new jobs and $23.8 billion in economic benefits. None of these facts, highlighted in my op-ed, have ever been contradicted.

I have been a progressive Democrat and environmentalist all my life. That is why I find it embarrassing when I see fellow “environmentalists” simply file, withdraw, and re-file litigation to stop sustainable development rather than engage in real environmentalism.

Lanny Davis


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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