Re: the Nov. 3 article "We must protect rule of law, the best border wall we have."

Tim Steller recites lawlessness in Mexico related to narco trafficking. His article was published BEFORE 9 Americans, including children, were gunned down by cartels just south of the border. Steller says there has been little "spill over" of violence into America from Mexico, thus no need for a border wall. He cites America’s “rule of law” as our wall. How absurd of an argument! Maybe Steller does not know of the hundreds of ongoing criminal investigations being done by ICE and DEA related to Mexican nationals, for smuggling and distributing narcotics in America. How many Americans have been victims of crimes committed by Mexicans illegally in the country? That is "spill over?" Steller ignores the "rule of law" application when it comes to the thousands of Central Americans who came here abusing our Immigration system, many filing merit less asylum claims, or committing child endangerment. Steller has always opposed the border wall.

Alice Moreno

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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