I have been reading about the brilliant plan of pumping water from one aquifer and filling another miles away and telling the customer they are guarantied 100 years of water. I also read where SaddleBrook has only 1000 homes built with a plan to build 5000. What happens when those 5000 home owners run out of water? Who is going to truck water to those 5000 homes? Who is guaranteeing this water supply? Who is going to pay for it? I can hear it now. The rest of your hundred years of water is only 50 miles from here, good luck!

I also read where this brilliant plan allowed 350000 homes to be built. Just think 350000 more tax payers. One would think that much money would buy fire trucks, police cars, or even fix the roads or be used to hire policemen, but apparently not.

I don't think the money from these 350000 tax payers have not done all the things we hopped for.

Jose Salgado

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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