The actions of Arizona Republican legislature is despicable.

Republicans want to give money to fake clinics to lie to women about their health and they don't need abortions—even if the woman is in danger. In other words Republicans want to pay professional liars no matter how much it hurts women and their families.

The Republicans also want to get rid of healthcare for Arizonans. But the Republicans are not worried about anybody voting for them because they are passing laws to make it more difficult for everybody in Arizona to vote!

Meanwhile Gov. Ducey, Rep. Nutt, Rep. Griffin and Senator Gowan give money to Charter Schools because it puts money in their own pockets! This is corruption. I’m waiting for law enforcement to take notice of the corruption. How much is law enforcement paid to ignore their corruption?

Republicans’ callous disregard for the Health and Welfare of Arizona citizens should get them indicted! But at least we can work harder to make sure Republicans never return to office.

Irbie Wylie


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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