Several Council members have had many years to create a sustainable and prosperous economy, yet Tucson continues to be one of the poorest US Cities. They have demonstrated that they are not capable of properly prioritizing the use of finite resources to improve Personal Disposable Income (PDI). They offer explanations on how they failed to increase returns on taxpayer investments, then approve increased taxes/fees shifting consequences to their constituents. Vote for members that will improve accountability, transparency and accelerate quantifiable performance by defining key performance indicators (KPI) and goals, monthly publication of actual performance to goals with corrective actions, if appropriate. And tie 30-40% of Council and executive management compensation to achievement of those goals. KPI’s should first focus on developing a sustainable and prosperous economy, new higher wage employers, taxpayers/ratepayers, that can subsequently fund needed social subsidy programs. For example, Increasing Personal Discretionary Income by 10%/year; Reduce Unemployment by 10% (Job/Skills Training). We have met the enemy; he is us (Pogo).

Terry Finefrock


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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