Mark Finchem is now into mind control. His latest proposed bill would bar teachers from discussing any controversial or political issue in the classroom. First, who will decide what is controversial or political? The ruling party? Second, kids see these issues several times a day on TV and the internet. Are they supposed to wipe them from their minds? Or is it better that they discuss these in an educational setting meant to teach them to analyze, research and evaluate the data? Are they to grow up in Never Never Land where the fantasy spewed by the people in power is all they know? Is their knowledge of history to be even more a fairy story than is already taught by the victors? Finchem is seriously into absolute control and oppression by his party of anyone who disagrees. This is an extremely dangerous attitude for our legislators to have and must not be allowed.

Bette E. Richards


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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