Re: the Dec. 31 article "AZ bill would ban teachers from raising controversial topics in class."

Bisbee AZ had a no plastic bag policy. Ideally that kind of activism should have grown as a move toward a future without plastic pollution. State conservatives saw this as a poke in the eye for state statues. They threatened to refuse state funding to Bisbee unless they complied with AZ regulations.

Del Webb has developed retirement communities, name them “Sun City,” then has convinced conservatives to retire in these communities. The last state rep from Oro Valley believed that the earth is 3000 years old as depicted in the book of Genesis.

Now come Mark Finchem with his bag full of Koch? resolutions, proposing to gag teachers, and to require retirement and tenure restrictions for University Professors. I’ll bet his proposed legislation has loop holes to allow conservative views to slide right through. Remember TUSD and the Koch backed economic program?

Consequently, this gives the above group the ability to influence oppressive legislation with such a narrow point of view.

Larry Robinson

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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