Wake up Tucson! Or should I say: get woke before it’s too late!

It’s easy, with all the miserable news on the national level, to forget that we have a local election happening right now.

We have the distinct privilege of being able make history in our lifetimes. We have the opportunity to elect the first woman of color as mayor of our Old Pueblo!

Her name is Regina Romero and she has by far the most experience leading Tucson and representing Tucsonans of any candidate for mayor. She has twelve years experience on City Council at Ward 1 and as a constituent I have watched her work hard for our quality of life and economic prosperity.

Regina is the only candidate for mayor that is running clean and her lengthy list of endorsements by progressive groups speaks for itself. Make history now! Elect Regina Romero Mayor of Tucson!

Mac Hudson

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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