Has the world ever been more upside down than it is right now? I have know Raúl Grijalva since the mid '70s, and in this current madness, I guess it makes a perverse kind of sense that, “he is not a good example to his people.” Grijalva has been working for and fighting for the poor, for those without political voice, for the environment, for equal opportunity, for peace and for justice 50 years.

Doing that generates opposition from those who stand to lose the most from change, those entrenched in and benefiting from the status quo. He is a strong, brilliant politician with the interests of the nation and the community in its entirety at the heart of what he does. He is an example of what it takes and will take to move the country forward to a more equitable and sustainable future. That will be his legacy. He is a national treasure.

Greg Hart


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