Re: the Sept. 26 article "Two agencies' Rosemont OK hurts jaguars, lawsuit says."

Thank goodness for the Center for Biological Diversity and their lawsuit filed against federal agencies who are illegally permitting the planning of the massive mine to continue. The mine owners have made promises to abide by all environmental requirements and laws their operation would heavily impact.

Right now we taxpayers are funding the EPA with millions upon millions of dollars to clean up several toxic mines that have long been contaminating the Animas River which flows through Durango Colorado with deadly heavy metals. The mining companies have long since split.

Mining companies have a long and consistent history of doing this "mine and run" throughout the Rocky Mountain West. This being the case, why should we believe that the Rosemont mining company would suddenly change this mining industry pattern and become good environmental stewards, especially with a federal government that is trying to nullify the EPA and all it stands for?

Bob Kuhnert

Durango, Colo.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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