I’m appreciative that our Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick spent so much time around the district during her recess, including hosting a town hall. While she has rightfully spoken out against some of the harmful proposals that the Trump administration has proposed, I’m hopeful that she will take a similar path to help those struggling with their health care. Rep. Kirkpatrick voted for the Affordable Care Act years ago, but now has turned her focus towards supporting Medicare-for-all. It’s disappointing because Medicare-for-all is not something that can help patients now. It’s a far-off policy that may never happen. Going back to the Affordable Care Act and figuring out ways to improve it to allow more patients to get the coverage they need is something that can be done now. Fixing the program at the margins is going to help a lot more people in the immediate, and I hope she does just that.

Chris Coronado


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