The recent controversy regarding demonstrations against the Customs and Border Patrol visit to campus group could have been avoided by some planning and thought on behalf of UofA President's Office, Dean of Students, UAPD, etc. If you consider that during the Vietnam war, folks demonstrated against the ROTC, the War, etc as part of free speech activities. And the University is a place for free speech. If you liken the emotional/political situation similar to the Vietnam war, then you understand the issues surround any visit by the Customs and Border Patrol on campus. The issue of immigration is a hot button issue, that impacts DREAMERS who are on campus, and the public in general.

Resolve this issue by 1) dismissing the charges against the students (who may be dreamers ?) and 2) create a zone where controversial topics/visitors are handled with planning and deliberate thoughts.

Margarita Bernal

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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