Re: the Aug. 19 article "Ousting Grijalva from TUSD board is new PAC's aim."

Systemic economic inequity is on the rise, while "politicians" attempt to buy votes. Many of us have bought into the idea that the campaign (ad) games are best for our community. Here's the truth: They're not. It is a mess of bureaucracy. The investment in campaigns is perpetuating the system of economic inequity.

A group of us "poor people" is fighting to save Golden Pin Lanes, to make things better for our community — community centers build relationships and increase happiness. Happy, connected people typically do not commit crimes. The Pima County Supervisors want to tear it down. The city says it is out of their hands.

My campaign for Amphitheater School Board is under attack by one of my opponents. I have a trial date next week. It is recommended that I get a lawyer. Can't afford it. Join the fight to end systemic inequity at Help with community projects that benefit #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs. #OurChildrenAreWatching

Felicia Chew


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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