The job of the STAR is to report the news and provide thoughtful editorials to our community. A recent letter to the editor suggested that the STAR should "mind your own business" and not attack Martha McSally. I believe it is the STAR's job to give us information and a reasonable perspective on our political leaders.

Although McSally may have "distinguished service including combat" experience, that does not guarantee integrity and courage as our senator. She has disappointed us by not standing up to her party and our president when policies implemented are cruel, unfair and may even be unconstitutional. Even though she is a a sexual abuse victim herself,, she did not have the courage to oppose Brett Kavanough for the Supreme Court, nor support other more recent sexual abuse victims in their claims.

A distinguished career in the military does not necessarily qualify her to be a good senator

Ellen OBrien

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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