Re: the March 27 article "On-campus encounter with border agents prompts UA investigation into student."

I was somewhat surprised and dismayed by both the University of Arizona for aggressively investigating/pursuing the students standing up to an immoral and corrupt government agency as well as the letter writers condemning and demanding full enforcement of the law towards the students who confronted the Border Patrol Agents. Where was their indignation, out-rage, and opposition to separating small children from their families, locking them in cages, and losing many of them because careless, reckless, and inhuman polices. The current administration’s immigration policies and actions is anything but what the US stands for and will ultimately be on the wrong side of history. The current situation is reminiscent of the early opposition to the Vietnam War starting on campuses and eventually requiring our government to be truthful and accountable to the people.

Mike Fisher


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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