Re: the July 11 letter to the editor "Good fences serve variety of purposes."

The letter writer has missed the point. He likens the issue of border crossing and building a wall to hungry rabbits wanting a better food source. His simple solution is to build a fence to keep the rabbits out. After all the rabbits can then forage in the "the rest of the world” because they just want better food.

Immigration is not as simplistic as wanting better food from a more bountiful “plot of paradise.” There may be rabbits that can’t survive or find food in the rest of the world. They may desperately need to come to this plot of paradise that is the U.S. because they are more than hungry, they may be fleeing persistent political and economic volatility, gang violence and poverty. In other words, these rabbits can get eaten by bigger predators. If it were as simple as the letter writer points out then we’d have fixed the problem of hungry rabbits a long time ago.

Marcy Tigerman


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