As a nonagenarian second wave feminist, I am sadly realizing that many women do not realize that we need only two more states to ratify the Equal Rights amendment. 3/4 of the states must ratify before it is added to our U.S. Constitution.Nevada recently ratified, 40% of their law makers are women. The ERA could erase pay gaps. The Violence Against Women Act not be challenged after 5 years.Here in Arizona an ERA bill was introduced in January, 2017, but was bottled up in Committee until April. Representative Pamela Power Hanley complained that the bill never got a hearing. She made a motion that the bill be brought to the full house immediately. Rather than simply allowing a vote to her motion, the speaker of the house used a procedural motion to instead have the house recess. This kept legislators from having to go on record whether they supported or opposed the ERA. Happily, many new recruits, including millennials, have joined the ratification efforts.

Dorothy McKenna

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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