I am proud that I will be casting a vote for the first time in a mayoral primary. Regina is my choice for the next Mayor because of her history, and tenacity on the issues that are impacting my life and my community. I also am proud to witness the work organizations are doing to invite all of us to be part of our democracy.

The difference between the corporate donors who have so much influence now and organizations like CHISPA, labor, and Planned Parenthood Advocates is real people! Real people that are frightened but fighting back at the constant attacks to their safety and humanity in this new era of politics. Real people that are committed to making sure that this primary election is not just representative of an informed few but that actually looks like the makeup of our city – diverse and working class. These organizations will hold accountable whoever is the next mayor because their commitment is to the values of our community, not just an election.

Grecia Lima

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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