I support Proposition 205, the Tucson Families Free & Together Initiative. Prop 205 is the fruit of the most democratic process of asking the people to say YES to a solution created by the people for the people.

The time has passed when an informal “Immigrant Friendly” policy in Tucson was enough. With the ugly rhetoric, disturbing policies and violent actions spewing from the top down, it is disappointing to watch our locally elected officials, journalists and candidates wield lies and fear in the face of this encouraging initiative that simply asks Tucson to be itself, to fully step into its place as a Sanctuary City.

With Prop 205, we can show true solidarity with our migrant friends and families through decisive legislative action that values their human right to safety and freedom. Families should be free and together. Period. We'll vote Yes on Prop 205 because Tucsonans understand that.

Vivian Smith


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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