Re: the July 11 article "State asks AZ high court to toss out challenge to petition law."

The fact that the Legislature was able to put impossible burdens on the public initiative process in the first place is outrageous. Now they are attempting to block the public outcry by taking the case to the Arizona Supreme Court, stating that there has been no harm-no foul.

Of course there are no pending initiatives that can show harm, as under the law they jammed down the public's throat, it requires a 10 percent electorate signature from EACH of the 30 legislative districts; instead of 10 percent of the total electorate.

Their defense is, "there was no harm," under the impossible task of putting a challenge together from each district. (The reason they crafted the law in the first place.) This is very definition of autocracy. I hope the Star will investigate and publish an expose on who crafted and/or voted for this fiefdom called the Legislature, so we can vote them out.

Frank Engle

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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