There is a new tone in Tucson's political scene and coming from Dirty Money. Every registered voter received the large postcard from the new INSTITUTE for POLICY and POLITICS of Phoenix that depicted Steve Farley wearing a mask and giving the impression he was not trustworthy and voted against Education. { But not mentioning that it was a Republican Bill damaging to Public Schools!} Lies and misleading information came in another card from a local PAC.

I waited for a press conference or a statement from the candidates that benefited from these vicious attacks. NOTHING!

Farley served 12 years in the crazy Arizona Legislature, representing Tucson's LD 9. I enjoyed his weekly Farley Report when the Legislature was in session. He is my friend.

I wish you well, Steve. Go create a beautiful mural or a stunning piece of public art but for some other city.

Barbara Cain


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