So the county's clowns want to raise the sales tax by one half percent. Instead of cutting the wasted spending on social programs and other worthless give a ways. Have they not heard of "the point of diminishing returns"? I know a lot of people who will not buy higher cost items within any of the three big cities in the Tucson area, including me. This has to be hurting the businesses in the city limits.

Taxes keep getting higher and we get less, except for worthless spending on feel good projects. This type of tax increase will certainly add to the internet sales, and the underground economy. If you know anyone from Europe, they can tell you about the cash transactions, it came about one step at a time just like tax increases. I would urge every one to contact their representatives, and tell them to spend our money the way we the people do. WE don't waste it!

John Crooks

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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