Letter: Time for change at TUSD

Letter: Time for change at TUSD

Time for a change on the TUSD school board. Animosity and cantankerous behavior have no place on display at governing board meetings. The main responsibility of the board is to hire and fire the superintendent. Policy setting is a priority but not partisan politics, name calling, and nasty innuendo that circumvents planning for the future.

The Governing Board is provided with informational packets to review and consider with colleagues. The community needs someone who takes the job seriously. Someone who will read the materials, ask appropriate questions and move the district forward.

Leila Counts has not been endorsed by a seated board member, nor is she an incumbent. I have worked with her on committees. She does her due diligence in a balanced and considered way to represent what is best in the decision making progress. She knows it well as an advocate, mother, daughter and as a spouse of a small-business owner. Vote the entire ballot. We need a better board for TUSD.

Linda Arzoumanian

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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