Re: the Jan. 6 column "Arizona's minimum wage hurts first-time job seekers."

Mr. Rivera misses key issues on why the minimum wage increase is a good idea. He states that the increase hurts teenagers. He may or may not be correct in his logic. However, the benefit to the people who must survive on their wages is the critical issue supporting the law. I assume that there are some teenagers that must provide for themselves. I had many jobs that paid minimum wage or less as a teenager. Education and work ethic allowed me to obtain better jobs.

It saddens me that Mr. Rivera ignores the fact that many seniors must find minimum wage jobs to pay the bills. This lack of empathy on his part seems typical of the conservative view. Maybe he thinks these adults are working for fun. In my opinion, Mr. Rivera used a small argument against a small wage increase intended to help the many, working people in our state. Could Mr. Rivera pay his bills on the current minimum wage?

Jeff Rayner


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