I imagine Marshmallow McSally is already running scared at the announcement that Mark Kelly will be seeking her unearned Senate seat in 2020. A legitimate, viable, preferable voice for AZ by any measure. I suspect she's already huddling with her GOP money handlers to devise a strategy to oppose Kelly. Given her historic campaign tactic of profligate deceit and baseless allegation she likely finds herself out of her element. It's unlikely she'll find a pink tutu in Kelly's history!

And her fighter pilot bravado pales to Kelly's astronaut background! What's a girl to do? Will she renounce her Trump allegiance to appear less beholden? Will she pretend to represent AZ rather than Trump? Will she mask her radical right wing convictions? Will she try to understand and address real issues? Based on history none of that is likely. Welcome Mark Kelly!

Scott Lukomski

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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