At what point will those who still struggle to shore up Donald Trump’s presidency get tired of cleaning up after him? After Trump’s recent claim that “some” of the four living former presidents supported his demand for building a border wall, Mike Pence, once again, tried to mop up the mess. Pence’s statement that it was only Trump’s “impression” and not actual fact sounded weak and embarrassing.

There’s an on-going tally of the number of blatant lies Trump feeds the American people on an almost daily basis. Surely there are those who keep track of how many times someone from the current administration is forced to clarify Trump’s bending of the truth to serve himself. Here’s the moral for those unfortunate folks: If you keep knocking your head against the “wall,” the headache is only going to get worse.

Mona Udstuen


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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