With a major election for a frightfully divided nation only 14 months away, there is a real possibility that current president Trump could be re-elected. I propose this scenario. The democrats nominate Republican Jeb Bush as their candidate in 2020 with the provision that Mr. Bush, in turn, chooses Kamala Harris (or one of the other progressive democrats) as his running mate.

Given the animosity between the Bush extended family and Mr. Trump, Jeb may be willing to take this on. This is a winning combination for 2 reasons. First, with Florida and Texas and a significant portion of Republican moderates on Bush's side, it hands Trump an overwhelming defeat. And second, with a Republican and a Democrat accomplishing the feat together, it goes a long way toward healing a nation some believe to be irreparably divided.

Rich Bailowitz


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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